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    This project shows the user how to compile an select encrypted text and use it within their programs. It makes the program vitually un-hexable.

    This is Triple S - the Super Simple Sipher(I know, it's Cipher, not Sipher). You can say it's GCA's distant little cousin. I have greatly miniturized the code. I hope you like it!

    Simple app that hide text in a picture... actually max caractere: 255 but if you like, i'll make a "serious" app with crypted, protected and illimited text lengh... Must See

    This DLL, once declared will encrypt any String fed to it based on a number that you give it. Works prefectly, ie. no characters are deformed. Offers very good encryption. Can only be encrypted with the number

    Ever wondered in VB5/6 what the ActiveX DLL does; Ever thought that the MS tutorials were bloated and useless..... Look no further, here is a perfect working example. The complete sorce code to my other submis

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