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    This is an awesome encryption algorithm that you can you really use to encrypt and decrypt text. It works on multiline textboxes and singleline as well...Have PHUN!

    Crypt It 2.0 helps you to encrypt your valuable data so that no one can hack it ! It has three methods of encryption for you. You can choose what method you want to use. The password for the program can be cha

    This will encrypt common text into a picture, 3 characters per pixel. You can save/open the picture and text. Works Great! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Encrypt/Decrypt in Triple-DES,DES,RC2,RC4, and Triple-DES-112 with this control. Extended code comments!. Note: A little bug was found as was corrected, apologies to those who downloaded the first version!!!

    Use this code to do various byte manipulation on very large numbers. A function for RoleOver (ROL/ROR) (One function for both directions). Also includes a large number NOT and XOR. If you try doing a normal XO

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