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    The program generates a 'pad' of 200 (10x20) keys. Each key has a random length, is consisted of random numbers, a random letter, and the letter is placed randomly in the key. The message is encrypted using th

    This is a whole new concept for entering passwords. By using this system, it's impossible to steal your passwords by keylogging, capturing mouse events or positions, screencaptures or hooking those really unsa

    ULTRA v1.0.3 File and Text encryption module. Very well documented sourcecode feat. strong and fast ULTRA symmetric encryption algorithm, OFB mode, variabel-lenght key, key quality check, data compression, str

    This encryption technique is really amazing, coz in this i use winsock control as a password key. u can encrypt/decrypt a long text file very easy with this code.

    With this code users or your software can use it for 30 mins free then they have to buy a code from you at your price to unlock the software. If the user gets the registration code wrong 5 times they must get

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