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    Encryption / Decryption. Update from Sentinel v2.x which had a weaker key schedule. Incorporated here is a CRC32 and Timediff function to determine SKeys. This is a much stronger enevelope. Does any type of fi

    This is a collection of all my encryption related routines

    This project provides a class for xor encryption that can handle strings and files. The class is over 100 times faster than normal vb-code, it encrypts with up to 13 MB/s! VB does only about 0.1 MB/s, that mea

    Decodes script that was encoded by Microsofts Script Encoder. My earlier version was done in ASP and is posted on this site, however i'm porting this to VB to disregard worries about code pages and such for ot

    This application sez what it does, i made it in Win32 Assembly back in 1998 for use in Game Crackings; and been using the same algo for years until i seen a lot of submissions in PSC about Brute-Forcing word g

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