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    The famous rsa public key encryption algorithm, this code is based on the original design by: Asgeir Bjarni Ingvarsson. Now includes source code and zip file with working example.

    This is a text viewer/encryption program. It can be associated with files (like when you open a .txt file Notepad usually opens it). If you find any bugs please email me. NOTE: The EXE was compiled with SP3 in

    This program was written only for demonstration of the DES encryption and decryption example from the book of "Cryptography Theory and Practice", Douglas R. Stinson, but could be easily modified to accept real

    Class to encrypt and decrypt a clear text with variable character length encoding. There is no relationship between byte boundaries and encrypted characters, ie an encrypted character may theoretically be anyt

    Here is another dandy! This ap will embed or encrypt a picture within another picture! It uses 3 and 4 bit encryption. It clears the lower order bits on a "Parent" picture and embeds the higher order bits

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