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    Here is the concept behind this representation of the Enigma Machine: The program uses virtual "wheels" that contain all of the printable characters on the keyboard. Think of the first wheel as the keyboard yo

    Welcome to the new generation of text editing! TU (Text Utilities) is a full featured text editor (like word) that includes TONS of extra features!! Some of the features are: Font Bold/Italic/Underline/Color/S

    Dec Enc encrypts any file you throw at it, any size can be handled and does not take huge amounts of memeory to run - bout 1.5 MBs at most of free RAM is all that is needed to encrypt any file, and less than t

    The Enigma machine, created by the German inventor Arthur Scherbius, was used as Germany's system of encryption before and during World War II. This worksheet emulates a version of the Enigma machine.

    FIXED ERROR: Encryption. This is a very complex yet very effective and easy to use Registration Program. This program will allow you to put a 14 day trial (change it too what ever you want!) on your program. A

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