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    This is an optimized version of the common Base 64 encode/decode. It eliminates the repeditive calls to chr$() and asc(), as well as the linear searches I've seen in some routines. It also avoid shifting each

    Did you ever hear that "A picture is worth a thousand words"? Well, my program take it literally. It can add to a picture a thousand words and more depending on the picture size. Just think of this: in a bitma

    It takes a string from a textbox and encrypts it. Nothing major, i wouldnt use this for anything important, but i use it to encrypt data and put the encrypted string in the registry. This is sections of differ

    Notepad 2000 is a text editor that is much stronger than the windows notepad. But it has some KOOL features that the normal Notepad don't have. The extended features are : 1.Find/Replace 2.Select All 3.Autotex

    Simple program that converts plain text to Base64 format and converts Base64 format to plain text. This code uses David Ireland's base64 conversion Module. All credit to him.

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