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SQL and Access Database Maintenance Ron Weight

This is an Active-X DLL that simplifies the maintenance of Access and SQL databases by providing an interface for backing up, compressing, restoring, detach and attach (for SQL) functions.

Inputs :
Inputs vary depending on the function selected. The sample or test program included shows all of the inputs (path to DB, path to restore, etc.)

Assumes :
The code uses ADO 2.7, MS Jet & replication objects, MS Scripting (SCRRUN.DLL) and SQL DMO objects (SQLDMO.DLL) to do the maintenance functions. You should have these components installed on your computer before you can compile this DLL.

Code Returns :
The DLL returns information via various events to the client application calling it. Most of the functions return a Boolean value to indicate if successful or not.
[Download SQL and Access Database Maintenance] Original Source & Copyright : Planet-Source-Code.Com SQL and Access Database Maintenance Author : "Ron Weight"

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