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One Time Encryption Pad Daniel (a.k.a. El Jefe OR Where is El Jefe)

The program generates a 'pad' of 200 (10x20) keys. Each key has a random length, is consisted of random numbers, a random letter, and the letter is placed randomly in the key. The message is encrypted using this 'pad', making it virtually undecryptable wi

Inputs :
Your message. The Pad is generated randomly, though you can open a saved pad.

Assumes :
The program is a good example of random numbers, arrays, and loops. Beware, the coding can get confusing to the intermediate or beginner user

Code Returns :
An encrypted (or decrypted) message.
[Download One Time Encryption Pad] Original Source & Copyright : Planet-Source-Code.Com One Time Encryption Pad Author : "Daniel (a.k.a. El Jefe OR Where is El Jefe)"
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